What You Need to Know About the Types of Digital Cameras

Nowadays it is very rare to see people without a digital camera. Before buying, it is important to know their types and features. People always go for cameras with more mega pixels for a better picture. Also, the photo will have larger file size. Mega pixel means that the resolution of the picture will be more than a million pixel.You take the number of pixels lengthwise and multiply it with the number of pixels breadthwise, if the value got is around one million pixels then yours is said to have 1 mega pixel. Then comes the factor zoom-ability. Manufacturers peddle their product mainly by specifying its zoom-ability. Zoom is of two types namely optical zoom and digital zoom. Optical zoom is the best, which is the level of magnification for the optics in it. In digital zoom, camera makes the picture appear larger by increasing the size of the pixels. It is always better to go for rechargeable batteries rather than disposable ones because they are long lasting. But they are dearer too.

Cameras are broadly classified into two types namely compact cameras and digital SLR cameras. The choice of selection depends on various factors, mainly the user. The users may be professional, semi-professional, amateur photographer or occasional user. Keeping these categories of users in mind camera makers produced different models. Compact cameras are largely preferred due to various reasons. It is very easy to handle because, manufacturers introduced different compact camera models which help to take good digital photos even with minimum learning curves. It follows simple nikon z mirrorless camera point and shoots strategy.

Compact cameras are available in all ranges from $100 to $1000 which makes them more well-liked among people who can buy camera that suits their budget. In compact camera, so many specifications have been arrived with the growth of technology. They offer nearly five mega pixels with limited video capabilities. Camera memory cards are available at cheaper prices. Normally compact digital cameras have poor zoom-ability when compared to digital SLR cameras. But these days compact ones support 3X to 5X zooms. Compact cameras are obtainable in different dazzling styles.

With the maturity and reputation of digital photography, photographers are also getting matured. Digital SLR cameras are suitable for dedicated, professional photographers. They are highly extortionate and offer many options. SLR means single reflex lens, here the user can choose the lens according to the environment like wide angle, close-up, indoor, outdoor etc. This distinct feature helps in providing better pictures when compared to compact camera. Since the user has control over the sensitivity to light number in SLR camera, the image quality will be better. The user views the scene through the lens not through the view finder and hence will have enhanced precision.

Digital SLR cameras have shorter shutter delay, faster auto focus, fast shooting and are capable of taking more shots at a time. Digital SLR cameras provide more creative control over the object. More than 6 mega pixel models are procurable in SLR cameras.

Other types include ultra-compact digital camera, advanced camera, Micro four-thirds camera and interchangeable lens unit camera system. Ultra-compact camera are light weighted, small, easy to use, moderate to high-priced and has small buttons and dials. Advanced camera also called prosumer camera suits user having skill level between that of a professional and a consumer.

They support high quality telephoto zoom lenses with advanced features like filters, remote controls, converter lenses etc. They show resolution between 5 to 6 mega pixels. Micro four-thirds camera is like SLR but not SLR. They have sensors and interchangeable lenses but they have no reflex mirrors and optical view finders. Interchangeable lens unit camera system has different camera units and each unit having its own camera lens, image processing engine, image sensor. It offers good quality image but at the same time, it costs the earth.


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